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Private Tuition

Private tuition is one on one learning. I undertake this either in a club environment or in my dungeon store when nobody is around. Private tuition is $50/hour in-store and I offer this service free if out at clubs (depending upon my time and the activity). If my time is limited or my plans for play on the night don’t interest you, it will cost $50 per hour as I will not alter my planned play to suit another for no good reason. There will also be costs for medical items such as saline transfusions, catheters and the like. If I require these items to teach you, you need to pay for them.

Keep in mind that play out at a club will not be as intensive as in-store training, nor will it cover as much content as I cover in a workshop. My workshops are generally 4 hours duration, where private tuition is for the hour.

I am more than happy to give basic tips on various activities whilst out (only 1 activity per night) as its not a crash training course. However, you need to find your own bunny for me to demonstrate on.

In a nutshell, I am quite community driven and see to it that I put back into our community what I have gained through my professional experiences.

Send requests for all private one on one tuition to email

If you are interested in being a demo model for my private tuition sessions please see here for positions available.

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