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Group 3 Topics

Note that not all of these classes are taught by myself.

SM300 Submissive Training
SM301 Cross Dressing
SM302 Forced Bi
SM303 Suturing
SM304 Saline Infusions
SM305 CBT with Sharps
SM306 Decorative Needle Play
SM307 Catheters
SM309 Branding
SM311 Anal Fisting
SM312 Torture
SM313 Activists
SM314 Humiliation
SM315 Female Domination
SM316 Play Piercing
SM318 Cutting
SM319 Justifying Punishment
SM320 Mind Control and Fear Play
SM321 Adult Babies
SM322 Medical Play
SM323 Mentoring
SM324 Taboo
SM325 Breath Play and Queening
SM326 Single Tails
SM327 Rough Body Play
SM336 Basic Philosophy
SM337 Tattooing
SM338 Voice Perception
SM340 Spirituality
SM346 Hosting Parties
SM347 Personal Growth
SM348 Cuckolding
SM349 The Dominatrix
SM350 Female Genital Conditions

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