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Group 2 Topics

Note that not all of these classes are taught by myself.

SM200 Male Submission
SM201 Needle Play
SM202 Cock and Ball Torture (CBT)
SM203 Non Monogamy
SM204 Perceptions and Intuition
SM205 Monogomy
SM207 Role Play
SM208 The Transgender Umbrella
SM209 Leather
SM210 Dominant Behaviour
SM211 Female Submission
SM212 Clothed Female Naked Male (CFNM)
SM213 Vaginal Fisting
SM214 Anatomy
SM215 Heavy Bondage
SM216 Dysfunction and Arousal
SM217 Partial Rope Suspension
SM218 Puppy Play
SM219 Pony Play
SM220 Age Play
SM221 Lactation and Breeders
SM222 Caning and Birching
SM223 Potentially Dangerous
SM224 Superiority
SM225 Fireplay
SM226 Strapon Play
SM227 At Your Feet
SM228 Animal Attraction
SM229 Suspension Bondage
SM230 Brain Chemistry 101
SM231 Tantra
SM232 Dungeons

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