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Group 1 Topics

Note that not all of these classes are taught by myself.

SM100 The Basics
SM101 Under the Microscope
SM102 Fetishes
SM103 Transmission of Infection
SM104 Online BDSM
SM105 Power Exchange
SM107 Exploring Consent
SM108 Scenes
SM109 Coming Out
SM110 Play Toys, Sex Toy Materials & Lubricants
SM111 Etiquette and Social Rules
SM112 Culture and Community
SM113 BDSM Elements
SM114 Pain and Pleasure
SM115 Wax Play
SM116 Confidence and Humility
SM117 Spanking, Face Slapping & Flogging
SM118 Bad Behaviour
SM119 Emotions and Feelings
SM120 Hurt, Grief and Emotion
SM121 Paraphilias
SM122 Gender
SM123 Hormones
SM124 Forum Behaviour
SM125 Anal Play
SM126 Cock and Ball Play
SM127 Objectification
SM128 Sensory Deprivation
SM129 Basic Bondage
SM130 BDSM Health & Safety
SM131 E-Stim Electrical Play
SM132 Cupping
SM133 Left / Right Brain
SM134 Personality
SM135 Feminist Views
SM136 Fetish Photography
SM137 Sounds and Urethral Health
SM138 Penis Enlargement
SM139 Ball Stretching
SM140 Nipple Torture
SM141 Drugs and BDSM
SM143 Basic Health
SM144 Myths and Legends
SM145 Prostate Milking
SM146 Chastity
SM147 Skin Stapling
SM148 Mental Heath

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