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16g on carla

White 16g Needle Session

I kicked off doing these white 16g needles before they became popular. They are intense but there’s no pinching once they are in as they stay put where I stick them. I prefer to do these on the back. Keep in mind 16g is the widest needle I use and they can cause slight scars depending on your skin type.

This simple design was the first 16g needle pattern I ever did.

I absolutely love working with 16g needles. Great for pattern work. If you think you could handle these, I’d really love to do a session.

This pattern was done with White Hub BD 16G x 1.5 Inch Hypodermic Needles, that I get from Black Rabbit Premium Leather.

Link to Hypodermic Needles for BDSM Needle Play.

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