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2011 Records Night Needles

Needle Design for the BDSM Records Night 20...

Nov 01, 2014No Comments2937 Views

This was a pattern I did which won the most decorative needle design at the records night in 2011. Done on Alex.

Oh Nurse

Oh Nurse

Aug 28, 2014No Comments5684 Views

Oh I don’t know, maybe you’d enjoy having your cock and balls shoved full of needles and syringes. I know I sure get a buzz

Round Needle Pattern With Beads

Geometric Pattern With Beads

Aug 25, 2014No Comments1689 Views

Every now and then I get to put the right design on a person who it really suits and this was the case with this

16g and 18g reds on alex

16g Whites and 18g Reds on Alex

Aug 25, 2014No Comments1491 Views

I loved doing this and I adore the rich colours of the 18g reds against the white and cork. The 18g reds are blunts; meaning

Needles Glen 2007

Needle Design With Beads

Aug 25, 2014No Comments1958 Views

This was one of the better needle scenes I’ve done but working with beads can be a real challenge back in 2008. There’s a bit

2011 Needle Corset on carla

Needle Corset on carla

Aug 25, 2014No Comments1863 Views

This was my first attempt at a needle corset. Plenty of more designs to go. This pattern was done with blue 23g and black 22g

Diagonal Lines 22g and 23g

Diagonal Lines Pattern

Aug 25, 2014No Comments1177 Views

This was a pattern I did on carla around 2011. I want to redo it similar but all in the same colour. This pattern was

16g on carla

White 16g Needle Session

Aug 24, 2014No Comments1658 Views

I kicked off doing these white 16g needles before they became popular. They are intense but there’s no pinching once they are in as they

Play Needles Session 2007

Play Needles Back Piece 2007

Aug 24, 2014No Comments1046 Views

This was one of the first needle sessions that I did back in 2007. Keeping it nice and simple. This pattern was done with Blue