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Carla Hog Tiecarla is owned by both Master Alex and Mistress Satet and she is part of our extensive leather family. I have been playing with carla for nearly six years now and I can say without a doubt, she is an absolute joy to have with us. Due to carla’s age, both Alex and I are very protective of her. carla’s behaviour is exemplary, however her memory does not serve her well in all situations. Nevertheless she is a wonderful play toy, into just about everything! Extremely clever and very together. carla comes first in the pecking order of submissives, as she’s been with us for so long. Both Alex and I are totally committed to carla’s well-being and we hope to always be part of her life.

carla is not a pro submissive and is not for hire. Do not insult Mistress Satet by asking such.

carla’s adventures with me can be found here.


  1. Definitely not. carla is my own personal submissive and her services are not available to others EVER. This website is for my services alone and my adventures. Never do I allow clients to interact with my own personal submissives.

    There is nowhere on this site that even remotely promotes that my own personal submissives are available for “hire”.

    Don’t ever ask me for the use of my personal submissives again, it’s the height of rudeness, and shows you haven’t bothered to clearly read my sites details.

  2. Carla, Can I book a session please?

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