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Paid clients trump free bunnies. Feel free to apply though.

My partner Alex and I co-own Black Rabbit Premium Leather; an international BDSM Toy business that takes up most of my time. Whatever spare time I have left, I test the toys we sell, and I am looking for well adjusted souls to test our wicked toys on. Alex and I are also looking at taking on some house slaves, who would be subjected to toy testing at our dungeon/home and casual play at events only. Slaves can serve both or either or us, and be of any sexual orientation, however you must get along with both of us regardless. At the end of the day, Alex and I have the perfect relationship, and you need to enhance that, not detract from it.

The whole concept of testing, is to ensure the toys and equipment sold by Black Rabbit Premium Leather are of the highest quality and operate as they should. Secondary to this concept is the communication of such to the broader public. This means that I may choose to use your words, video and photos from the session as part of My write up on the product. I may tape conversations, video the session or have photographs taken of relevant body parts associated with such a toy to show customers how it looks and how it works. This arrangement is purely educational, however in saying that… it IS a session with Me, and no doubt it will be fun for all. Unless the item is situated on your face, face shots are not necessary. It’s not porn I’m after. If photos are required, alex (my partner will be present for that).

I have an utterly ridiculous amount of kit at my disposal. If there is anything on our Black Rabbit Premium Leather site that interests you, by all means drop us an email and we shall consider you for a session. I will not answer messages on, nor yahoo or facebook. I do not regularly visit these social networks and wish to keep this whole process as simple as possible.

If you are interested in being a demo model for my private tuition sessions or workshops please see here for positions available.


  1. I’m taking time off over the summer as its just so hot in Queensland…. end of March 2015 I’ll be kicking off with a bang and I’ll advertise each particular scene and what items I intend to use for that scene under positions available…

    I’ll also list the date and time that I’ll require a bunny and whether it will be video or photo.

    The minimum is I always take photos of my scenes.

    This includes those days where I just feel like trying out new things that might not be related to the toys we sell.

    So keep an eye out for positions available.

  2. when do you think you will be carrying out your next toy testing session

  3. Hello, I’m offering myself for these testings if you would like mistress. Any information you would like, please message.

    • e-stem cbt and nipple ,with Satet for Bunnies

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