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Needle Play

First of all… I absolutely love needle play! I buy all my needles through Black Rabbit Premium Leather Needle Play Fetish Supplies. Being clinically OCD, I love the patterns and accuracy with intricate designs.

If you’ve never tried needles, it’s often painful whilst experiencing it, yet pleasurable immediately after, due to the blissful high. If you’re wanting to experience what its like, for $20, you can have a couple put through your chest as a tester.

The majority of needle sessions I do are decorative.   I enjoy having a release for my art via BDSM needle play. My collection of photos from play needle sessions still gives me a buzz to this day, bringing back all the memories associated with that particular scene.

I use needles from 23g to 16g.  Lengths anywhere between 5/8 to 2 inch.  All medical sessions are done with sterile needles, all individually sealed.  I always wear gloves, and take the greatest of after-care, swabbing you down, both before and after.  I have an excellent medical room in my dungeon.

Where I place the needles is negotiable.  The chest and back are the most common places.  Needles in the genitals can be quite intense.  The amount of needles I do on an individual depends on how well they cope.  Some people really love them and some don’t, it’s a matter of finding out what your kinks are, and sometimes trying something new.

If you have a pattern in mind, by all means send it through and I’ll look at doing it. Patterns requiring over 100 needles to 300 needles require more than 1 hour.  Discount rates apply for major sessions, as I get so much out of them. I don’t have needle sessions on offer for our testing bunnies. Needle sessions are available for paying clients only or close friends.

You can view a small part of my needles collection here. I don’t always take photos of the end results, but I do prefer to take photos of my work. I respect client wishes not to be photographed. I also accept those with tattoos may not want their needle session photos on this website.

Needles Through Testicles

If you are wanting needles through the testicles, please know that this procedure can cause hematoma (internal bleeding) which can result in both hardening of the testicle, swelling or infection after the procedure for an unknown period of time. It can also result in blood in your cum for the week or more after the procedure.

I’m wanting to speak to clients whom I have done this procedure for, to see how the following weeks panned out for you. From what I understand, the key is not to piece the Vas Deferens which is the tube that carries your sperm. Constantly piecing this tube can result in infertility. Please read Needle Insertion Point and Acute Scrotal Cellulitis under Saline Infusions, as the implications are similar.

Breast Horizontal Needles

I have done this procedure twice now, but have since read of a tragic case of tissues becoming infected due to the glans.

Therefore this procedure is not available by me.




  1. yes that is my request

  2. Hi
    My request I have for you is to put four or five needles threw my shaft sticking out the otherside and to have 2 five inch needles put in the head of my cock straight the shaft talking about this gives me and instant hardon and i cant wait to have this done. If you are comfortable and experienced in this then I invite you to get back to me with available time and donation for this amazing session that we will have.
    Thanks Gil

  3. What I want to have done to me us having needles inserted in one side of my cock and protruding out the other side of my cock also I want to experience needles inserted in the head of my cock and down my shaft these needles should be at least 5 inches long and the needles going from side to side in my cock should be at least 3 inches long if you can do this for please text or email me.

    • I don’t use 3 or 5″ needles. They are really expensive and dangerous for me due to needle stick injury risks. The maximum length I work with, with clients is 2″.

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