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Judicial Caning


Judicial caning is not normal caning.  Judicial caning is down with the Malaysian punishment cane.

Serious crimes will see maximum punishment of 50 canes.  Criminals are equipped with a leather caning belt to ensure their hips remain free of cuts.  Criminals are locked into heavy bondage for the entire duration of this event.

Judicial Caning leads to several cuts and bleeding.


This is extreme form of punishment.  Judicial Sjambok leads to severe bruising. My Sjambok is rubber with large rubber ball on the end. The rubber is ridged and leaves ridged tracks over the body with round welts from the ball.


  1. I wish corporal punishment

  2. Why a judicial punishment is only 50 strokes for maximum please? Is it not possible to have more. like maybe 100 please?

  3. Hello Mistress,
    When can I meet you for a corporal punishment session?

  4. Hello Mistress,

    I would like to get some judicial caning.

    Can you give me an appointment, please?

    Sincerely, Ashkan

    • Please always refer to my availability before writing.

      • Restrained for 60 proper no misesng strokes is exactly what I need, not leave feeling I could have had taken more, struggling after a few.How long does it take you to administer a full punishment caning? Do you space the strokes out or is it delivered fast without recovery time between the strokes, with the recipient probably ending up screaming?

        • I space hard caning strokes out. Those not so hard are delivered fast.

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