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Corporal Punishment

In general terms, corporal punishment is the deliberate infliction of pain as retribution for an offence, or for the purpose of disciplining or reforming a wrongdoer.

Corporal punishment is my way of either conditioning you to associate pain with pleasure or discipline you to enforce obedience. Some slaves love it right from their very first experience… some don’t. Some grow to love it over time… some don’t. slaves may seek my services for an erotic experience, or punishment for wrong-doings.

There is always some level of scene negotiation prior to sessions. This negotiation is based on your well-being and covers marks left on the skin, delicate body areas and choice of implements. I have no interest in crossing boundaries and sending home a married slave to his wife covered in marks, when this was not agreed to.

I have many years of experience with erotic spanking through to full judicial caning. slaves are often surprised at what they can take, given the right circumstances. Do not fear, I always start off mild and only increase the sensations, given my slaves reactions.

I always respect the agreed limits of slaves, and never go past the initial consenting arrangement without in-depth negotiation. Often the decision to go more severe is left up to me alone, and you will respect that my decisions are based on years of experience and knowledge of anatomy, psychology and biology.

There are a multitude of reasons why slaves enjoy corporal punishment, by all means ask your personal questions, but understand, there is not “one” answer for everyone.

Corporal punishment is the use of any/or all of the following:

Whether over the knee, or positioned on my spanking bench. Whether your held tight, flail your arms and legs about or tied tight to my equipment, spanking can be disciplinary or erotic. It can be barehanded or with my leather gloves. I also use other implements of choice such as paddles, straps, a hairbrush, belts, wooden spoons, a yard-stick, rolled-up newspapers or even thongs.

My spanking style is rhythmic and firm. I enjoy both the many reactions I get from different slaves and the feel and appearance of a flaming red butt after a good spanking.


Paddling is a form of spanking, however I’m providing a bit more information about paddling as it often results in deep bruising. Some of my slaves have a habit of requesting a hard paddling, but wish for no marks at all. Beware paddling and marks go hand in hand, and what you should be asking for is a barehanded spanking.





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