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Nailing Gun Coils Wax and Binding

Nailing Gun Coils, Wax, Binding and Stretching

28 Aug ’14

Nailing Gun Coils Wax and BindingSo here’s what we are going to do to you today. I did this session back in 2007 and it was so funny. I started off with dripping hot wax all over this guys cock and balls. I then bound his cock and balls tightly so they were extra sensitive.

I then attached nailing gun coils on both sides and tied a bit of rope around them to keep “pricking him”.

Then I added two pairs of young tongue forceps for that extra pinch on the nuts.

Then I decided to hoist him to my winch and stretch his cock. The red marks on his legs is where I slapped him… just because.

So much fun. I have two winches in my dungeon. I’m buying a third one shortly for my cell. They are noisy things but necessary.

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