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About Mistress Satet

Mistress SatetBefore writing to me, please check my availability, the types of sessions I offer, and rules or whether I am currently seeking submissives for casual play and/or permanent slave positions.

Firstly, I am a Brisbane based Mistress. My dungeon is located in Chapel Hill (inner West Brisbane), Australia. I have been operating as a professional Mistress since 2007 and heavily involved in the Queensland public BDSM scene since 2001.

Welcome. This site contains information relating to my professional domination services, workshops, tuition, and my day to day thoughts. All of which evolve around Bondage, Discipline, Sadomasochism (BDSM). This site is strictly ADULTS ONLY.

As I co-own Black Rabbit Premium Leather, I am a very busy woman, so I only choose to play with a specific kind of slave or submissive: one who is humble; who shows integrity; who is authentic and shows me the respect I deserve. You must be over 18 and I have no upper age limit. I prefer a true gentlemen and will send you packing after payment should you pester me for INAPPROPRIATE SERVICES.

My website guides you towards what I want and need and if it fits with you, please approach me by sending me an email, with a photo and what you are wanting. Please ensure I offer that activity before you ask. Send you email to Any messages left on my contact page are publicly published. So do not leave private messages there.

I do not have a phone for professional domination services, thanks to time-wasters. Therefore, the only way to contact me to organise a possible session is a) by email or b) face to face at an event (I’m easily approachable). I prefer email as I like to remember pertinent points about my clients prior to seeing them.

What I don’t want: I have a sensitivity to cigarette smoke. I can not play with smokers, particularly if you smell of smoke or require a cigarette whilst in my presence. I also do not tolerate heavy drinkers. If you can’t go a day without drinking, you are not suitable. No liars. No needy people. No connivers. No drama queens.

If you are not already aware, I am unavailable for a relationship. Alex is both my business and life partner.  Nothing happens in my life if it disrupts his.  Alex must be respected by all who come to our home for play. I protect my relationship from outside drama. Alex and I have a perfect life and I intend to keep it that way.

(Never come to my home to see me without my expressed permission – NO EXCEPTIONS).

I am not fond of online chat services or social networks. The only social network that I visit (once per week) is However I am not interested in conversing via fetlife about my professional services. Fetlife is for friends only.

Requests for play sent through various social media sites will be ignored. I need to keep my notes together, so email is best.

Ensure you read my Session Rules before contacting me.

I have been playing for many years with some seasoned players and some totally new to the experience.  First time experiences need not be fearful. I aim sessions more toward being fun and a nice rush for those with little or no experience.  If you are a seasoned player, be careful what you wish for. That is all I will say to you. If you have concerns as to whether I’ll be too hard or not hard enough, just know that I only play at the level of My clients. I play with men and women, regardless of sexual orientation.

I am a true professional. Sessions are confidential. I am respectful of clients and insist the same from you. You will present yourself to me ALWAYS clean and tidy. You can read more about me throughout my blog.

I am also completely STI free.


Mistress Satet


  1. Hello Mistress Satet,

    I am a boy who likes to get dominated. I have never been dominated yet (first experience).

    I would like to know whether I can get dominated by you? Will there be any costs for that?

    Sincerely, Ashkan

    • Read all information on my site before writing to me.

      • Hello,
        I have read the information.
        I would like to have a half an hour corporal punishment session?

        • Please note my availability. I am on holidays until August.

          • Ok,
            Can you please let me know once you come back?

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