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Looking for Service & Play Subs/Slaves

31 Jul ’15

Located on the inner west of Brisbane, I am looking for well adjusted service submissives and play subs/slaves (I prefer slaves) for all kinds of play, but mainly medical, impact, cbt (anything I’ve listed here on this site)… and definitely public play. If you only do private play, you’re not suitable.

Note that the slave positions I’m advertising for here, have nothing to do with professional sessions. They are for my own personal use at public events as I enjoy a huge variety of public play.

I’m very strict, however I do not believe in physical punishment.

Please read my profile first which is under my nic Satet, including what I’m into, and put together a lengthy message to elaborate on who you are, and what path you’d like to journey on. I’m best suited to several slaves. Please send your message along with a clothed photo to

I enjoy playing light and heavy, therefore I’m more than happy to take on the very inexperienced or the highly experienced.

Age and weight is not important to me (although larger backs definitely give me more play space). Loyalty, trust, your sense of adventure and an open mind is important to me.

Mistress Satet


  1. Mistress Satet my application is complete and has been emailed directly to you.

  2. I would like to apply for the posion of service and play subs

    Can I please ask permission if there is an application form on line to complete

    Thank you

    Captive Male

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