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My Rules

I offer professional sessions on a random casual basis and only to those I enjoy playing with. Whether you are a new or an existing client, my rules will always apply.

NEWS FLASH I am not interested in fucking you up the arse!

My professional domination style suits those who appreciate my extensive skill-set, artistic ability and nurturing nature. I enact scenes for my own pleasure. Satet.

Session Rules

  1. My services are for those over 18 years of age. If you appear younger than 25, I will require ID.
  2. I provide services in the late afternoon and evenings only. I am not a morning person and couldn’t think of anything else more vile than playing on a low. I play between 2pm to 8pm.
  3. NEVER phone me on the Black Rabbit Premium Leather phone number. Only Alex (my partner) answers that phone and he will be most unimpressed that you broke one of my clear cut rules. All contact with me is via email ONLY. No exceptions.
  4. I will only offer scenes that fall within the sessions listed on this site. No exceptions.
  5. Unfortunately, some individuals mistake professional dominants with sex workers. Many guys have no concept of the sheer fact I am totally uninterested in them in that way. Bondage and discipline does not necessarily have to do with sex. I only play with those who share this same belief or at minimum, respect my stance. I respect sex workers, but I do not offer sexual favours of any description to clients, nor will I organise such. You are not permitted to touch me or see me naked during sessions. I will not provide hand-jobs or blow-jobs as part of my service. Don’t insult me by offering more money for such a service. No means NO.
  6. I am totally uninterested in your fantasy scripts and will not partake in playing those out for you.
  7. I do not dress provocatively in an attempt to turn you on. I personally do not care whether you are excited by my presence or not, and to think that I would be, shows your naivety. Do not send me requests for how you wish me to dress.
  8. The use of poppers (Amyl nitrite) is prohibited in my dungeon. I will not play with you if you are intoxicated or show obvious signs that you are on any form of street drug. No exceptions.
  9. You will play with a safe word. No exceptions.
  10. You will respect my decision when I believe you have had enough.
  11. I have my own limits. I am uninterested in cramming in several medical procedures into an hour. I may be skilled but I’m not superwoman.
  12. Never come to my home without an appointment.

Client Suitability

Suitability is of the utmost importance. I prefer certain kinds of submissives and slaves.

  1. You will have a voice but you will not be bratty. Bratty and mouthy submissives annoy me. I enjoy the complete slave who is highly attentive. I enjoy submissives who are willing to try new and exciting things.
  2. If you are somewhat introverted, shy or intimidated by me and find it difficult to talk about intimate detail, I order you to tell me upon arrival, so I can drive the required conversation.
  3. Age is of no importance to me. Whether you 18 or 80, so long as you’re fun or at least interesting.
  4. I’ve played with many new people. If you are unsure of what the experience will be like, I go slow and check in on you regularly to ensure you are ok. If you have a fair idea of how the scene will go and stipulate the level you wish to play at, I will still check in on you. I can only dominate you as far as your ego will allow it. Trust and communication make a great session. Trust in the fact I have a nurturing nature and will only want what’s best for you.

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