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Q. Can I Do a Session That Doesn’t Include Pain?

A. Yes, I do light massage flogging for those who are a bit concerned about pain or whom are new.  Just don’t expect the session to hinge upon getting you off.  I also do tease and denial, as I love tormenting males, but again… that is not about getting you off. My sessions are about you finding your happy place.

Q. What if I Cum?

A. It happens… and can’t be helped, but it is not my end goal.

Q. I Have a Weak Bladder and Sometimes Urinate When I Get Aroused?

A. Let me know this ahead of time so I can prepare for it.

Q. I Like to Use Amyl Nitrate When I Play?

A. Whilst I understand many prefer this to relax for anal fisting, I am against using it for tolerating pain from corporal punishment and all other play that requires you to be alert. As I do not have anal fisting on offer, there is no point in you bringing this along, as I will not allow you to use it in my personal space. No exceptions including just outside my dungeon.

Q. Do You Play With All Sexualities?

A. Of course. As BDSM is non sexual for me, your sexuality is irrelevant.

Q. Why Are You a Professional Dominatrix?

A. Play energises me and I enjoy being part of “the journey” with many.  For me, play is about the rush of endorphins. It strikes me to the core, to see subs drifting off into subspace.  I get an incredible sense of purpose knowing I was part of this, seeing my clients at peace.

Q. What Sessions Don’t You Offer?

A. The ones I haven’t got listed under sessions. I do not offer anal play, anal fisting, foot worship, queening, strapon play, human toilets, piss play…

Q. What is Your Favourite Scene

A. Needle Play (decorative and testicle insertions).


  1. I am a masochist male like to receive caning from rattan cane and interested in high heels licking

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