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Corporal Punishment 6 of the sjambok

If it Pleases You Mistress

Corporal Punishment 6 of the sjambokSo at the end of this particular caning session I ask “would you like a few of my sjambok”? and in reply I get “if it pleases you Mistress”. Well of course it pleases me!

I do adore slaves who constantly come up with the correct answers. They are so hard to find of late. I also admire those who can handle the sjambok. It’s no easy feat.

I currently use a 3ft rubber sjambok, however I’m looking to purchase a beautiful indestructible synthetic sjambok with leather handle. Feel free to donate the money to me for this purchase and I’ll be happy to wallop you with it for free!

Otherwise if this is something you’d like for yourself, let me know and I’ll do a bulk order.

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