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The Cell

My residence in Chapel Hill (inner west Brisbane) includes a fully equipped dungeon split into three separate areas. The Corporal area is 6m x 6m; the infirmary is 6m x 6m; and a Cell 6m x 2m split into three parts. The main cell includes an overnight stay bed and is 4m x 2m. The solitary confinement cell is 2m x 1.5m and includes a drop down cell bed (that is uncomfortable). After entering through two lots of locked iron cell gates is the confinement box (again with another iron gate) and is 2m x .5m. The Cell has brick walls, iron ceiling and dim light. Nobody escapes from my cell block.

It took one of my old slaves two years to complete all the steel work in my cell. It’s a small part of my residence that I hold dear. Another year of pottering around with better fittings should see it fully completed.

I wont be allowing overnight stays in the cell until such a time that the store is relocated. I do however, play in the cell.

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