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Dungeon Renovations

My dungeon has evolved over the years. I painted it the exact same colour as my previous dungeon that I had in 2007-2008. Work commenced on My current dungeon in 2009 and will never stop as I have to keep reorganising every time I buy more gear.

It started out as a grungy garage and motor workshop underwater and packed to the brim with old wet furniture. We needed to supply safe electricity plus put in a wall and several doors. However, with allot of money and hard work from myself and close friends, we turned it into one of the best dungeons in Australia. I’m proud to call it my own. It is a reflection of my style and I have a deep attachment to it.

Alex helped with the back room, which we named the infirmary. Alex, vern and mark can take credit for the cell. More extensions and additions are not out of the question. Especially now with the shop, it would appear we now need allot more space! At the end of the day, we both love it!

Many thanks to Alex, Damo, slutboi, allanah, matty, mark and vern. This is not an exhaustive list. The electricals, laying rubber, SANDING (God I hate sanding), and painting was a big job. Happily everything was finished by the dungeon opening and celebration of Damo’s birthday in December 2009.

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