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Rope Humbler

Rope Humbler

Aug 25, 20141 Comment3505 Views

Back in 2010, I didn’t have a humbler but was in need of what a humbler could do… so I made one from a couple

Nailing Gun Coils

Nailing Gun Coils

Aug 25, 2014No Comments1774 Views

I started using nailing gun coils back in 2007. Sensational toy that lends itself to furniture or stand alone toy. I love ball crushing onto

Satin Cord Binding

Cock and Ball Binding

Aug 25, 2014No Comments2959 Views

Satin cord is excellent for CBT binding. It makes your nuts go dark purple. You might feel ok for a while… but after a few

Crown of Pegs

Crown of Pegs

Aug 25, 2014No Comments1348 Views

Doing little peg scenes can be fun and I just can’t help myself incorporating a little bit of torture around the head. Gives me something

12 cuts of the cane

12 Cuts of the Cane

Aug 25, 2014No Comments2160 Views

I love caning, nothing more satisfying!

Caning and Sjambok

Sjambok and Caning Session

Aug 25, 2014No Comments3587 Views

This sjambok with caning session was intense. If you think you can take more than 10 of the sjambok, I’d love to be the one

6 Stripes on carla

6 Perfect Stripes on carla

Aug 25, 20141 Comment2721 Views

I love caning. I’ve had a break from it and need to get back into shape. My previous caning sessions are a little on the

CBT Cock Squashing

Cock Crushing

Aug 25, 2014No Comments2385 Views

Little boards like these are great for CBT cock and ball crushing and even better for poking needles through them. I wouldn’t use these for

16g and 18g reds on alex

16g Whites and 18g Reds on Alex

Aug 25, 2014No Comments1491 Views

I loved doing this and I adore the rich colours of the 18g reds against the white and cork. The 18g reds are blunts; meaning

Temporary Piecings

Temporary Piercings on allanah

Aug 25, 2014No Comments1280 Views

I did this temporary piercings corset back around 2010. I love these, and want to do one with up to 48 piercings (for someone who