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Ball Stretcher With D-Ring

Ball Stretcher With D-Ring & Leash

28 Aug ’14

Ball Stretcher With D-RingIsn’t this just the cutest little item. It’s a leather ballstretcher with a strong little d-ring on it so you can attach a leash and drag your sub around with you.

I attached mine to a slave I had at an event once and it just works wonders. If I have a male slave, I much prefer to drag them around by their nuts to keep them alert.

I purchased this little gem from Black Rabbit Premium Leather. It’s called a D-Ring Leather Ball Cincher and it’s only one inch wide so perfect for any slave.

I’d like to take some more photos of slaves wearing this. If you’re interested in making me happy, let me know you’re wanting to try this when you book your session.

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