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Butterfly Wings

Butterfly Wings Back & Shoulder Floggi...

Aug 27, 2014No Comments1986 Views

After flogging back and shoulders, I always ended up with what I called “butterfly wings” which is a good example of where to hit. Never

6 Plus 1 for moving

6 Plus 1 for Moving

Aug 27, 20142 Comments2623 Views

Never move when I’m caning or I’ll have to give you another one.

My Hand Print

My Hand

Aug 27, 20142 Comments2319 Views

Oh look my hand print. Keep this in mind when you wonder about how hard an over the knee (OTK) spanking can be towards the

Corporal Punishment 6 of the sjambok

If it Pleases You Mistress

Aug 27, 2014No Comments3211 Views

So at the end of this particular caning session I ask “would you like a few of my sjambok”? and in reply I get “if

Cupping 10 cups on carla

Cupping on carla

Aug 27, 2014No Comments1457 Views

I loved this scene so much, I went out and bought another identical cupping set so I could go nuts next time. I think carla

Round Needle Pattern With Beads

Geometric Pattern With Beads

Aug 25, 2014No Comments2048 Views

Every now and then I get to put the right design on a person who it really suits and this was the case with this

Rope Humbler

Rope Humbler

Aug 25, 20141 Comment4049 Views

Back in 2010, I didn’t have a humbler but was in need of what a humbler could do… so I made one from a couple

Nailing Gun Coils

Nailing Gun Coils

Aug 25, 2014No Comments2080 Views

I started using nailing gun coils back in 2007. Sensational toy that lends itself to furniture or stand alone toy. I love ball crushing onto

Satin Cord Binding

Cock and Ball Binding

Aug 25, 2014No Comments3375 Views

Satin cord is excellent for CBT binding. It makes your nuts go dark purple. You might feel ok for a while… but after a few

Crown of Pegs

Crown of Pegs

Aug 25, 2014No Comments1562 Views

Doing little peg scenes can be fun and I just can’t help myself incorporating a little bit of torture around the head. Gives me something