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Full Body Mummification

Mummification Scene

Oct 23, 2014No Comments3333 Views

I must say I adore doing full body encasements with tape as they end up so tight and secure and you can cut out whatever

Female Submissive Required 25th Oct 2014-3-...

Oct 21, 20141 Comment1749 Views

I require a female bottom for one-on-one training purposes on Saturday 25th Oct 3-5pm. Basic bondage and impact play. You will obviously hear all I

Submissive Required 1st October 2014-3pm to...

Sep 23, 2014No Comments2389 Views

I’m looking for a submissive who can be my demo model for impact play one on one training. You will obviously hear all I have

Sutures 3

24 Sutures on allanah

Aug 30, 2014No Comments2659 Views

This was back in the day when club Retribution was around. It was a great club. Accept for the lighting in their medical room, hence

Cock Bondage

Cock Bondage

Aug 28, 2014No Comments5141 Views

Ever wondered what it’s like to have your cock bound. Book a session and find out. Cock bondage doesn’t hurt. It’s all about the feeling

Ball Bondage

Neat Little Ball Bondage Play Session

Aug 28, 2014No Comments3384 Views

I love doing little ball bondage sessions. If I can do decorative stuff even better. This kind of cock bondage is ballstretching. Refer to my

Ball Stretcher With D-Ring

Ball Stretcher With D-Ring & Leash

Aug 28, 2014No Comments4068 Views

Isn’t this just the cutest little item. It’s a leather ballstretcher with a strong little d-ring on it so you can attach a leash and

Nailing Gun Coils Wax and Binding

Nailing Gun Coils, Wax, Binding and Stretch...

Aug 28, 2014No Comments4017 Views

So here’s what we are going to do to you today. I did this session back in 2007 and it was so funny. I started

Oh Nurse

Oh Nurse

Aug 28, 2014No Comments6425 Views

Oh I don’t know, maybe you’d enjoy having your cock and balls shoved full of needles and syringes. I know I sure get a buzz

2 Nailing Gun Coils

Nailing Gun Coil Sandwich

Aug 28, 2014No Comments1955 Views

You have to love playing with nailing gun coils. There’s a million things you can do with these. They cost around $11 from Bunnings. I