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24 Sutures on allanah

Sutures 1This was back in the day when club Retribution was around. It was a great club. Accept for the lighting in their medical room, hence why a friend had to stand by with a torch so I could see.

Sutures 2I decided to do a back and front corset on allanah but I did the sutures too tight for the ribbon that we had. Therefore, I’m looking to redo this scene again, now that I know how wide the ribbon needs to be.

Many people ask what its like to be sutured. I personally think that the suture needle isn’t so bad, but the feeling of the nylon running through your skin can creep some people out. I can leave them in for a few hours, but I like to remove them before going home or before my submissive leaves my home.

I really love doing sutures. If you think you could handle at least 24 sutures front and back, email for a session.

I’ve included a few photos in the slide-show above.

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