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Cock & Ball Play Sessions

Cock Bondage

Cock Bondage

Aug 28, 2014No Comments5141 Views

Ever wondered what it’s like to have your cock bound. Book a session and find out. Cock bondage doesn’t hurt. It’s all about the feeling

Ball Bondage

Neat Little Ball Bondage Play Sessi...

Aug 28, 2014No Comments3384 Views

I love doing little ball bondage sessions. If I can do decorative stuff even better. This kind of cock bondage is ballstretching. Refer to my

Ball Stretcher With D-Ring

Ball Stretcher With D-Ring & L...

Aug 28, 2014No Comments4068 Views

Isn’t this just the cutest little item. It’s a leather ballstretcher with a strong little d-ring on it so you can attach a leash and

Rope Humbler

Rope Humbler

Aug 25, 20141 Comment4049 Views

Back in 2010, I didn’t have a humbler but was in need of what a humbler could do… so I made one from a couple

CBT Sessions

Cunt With My Bowling Ball

Ball Stretching With My Bowling Bal...

Nov 01, 20141 Comment7710 Views

A dear old slave I had years ago made me the most sensational bowling ball weight which I used on a dear friend “cunt” one

Nailing Gun Coils Wax and Binding

Nailing Gun Coils, Wax, Binding and...

Aug 28, 2014No Comments4017 Views

So here’s what we are going to do to you today. I did this session back in 2007 and it was so funny. I started

Oh Nurse

Oh Nurse

Aug 28, 2014No Comments6425 Views

Oh I don’t know, maybe you’d enjoy having your cock and balls shoved full of needles and syringes. I know I sure get a buzz

2 Nailing Gun Coils

Nailing Gun Coil Sandwich

Aug 28, 2014No Comments1955 Views

You have to love playing with nailing gun coils. There’s a million things you can do with these. They cost around $11 from Bunnings. I

Needle Play Sessions

2011 Records Night Needles

Needle Design for the BDSM Records ...

Nov 01, 2014No Comments3318 Views

This was a pattern I did which won the most decorative needle design at the records night in 2011. Done on Alex.

Oh Nurse

Oh Nurse

Aug 28, 2014No Comments6425 Views

Oh I don’t know, maybe you’d enjoy having your cock and balls shoved full of needles and syringes. I know I sure get a buzz

Round Needle Pattern With Beads

Geometric Pattern With Beads

Aug 25, 2014No Comments2048 Views

Every now and then I get to put the right design on a person who it really suits and this was the case with this

16g and 18g reds on alex

16g Whites and 18g Reds

Aug 25, 2014No Comments1774 Views

I loved working with solid colour needle hubs, it really brings out the intensity of the design. I also love adding corks as it puts

Needles Glen 2007

Needle Design With Beads

Aug 25, 2014No Comments2290 Views

This was one of the better needle scenes I’ve done but working with beads can be a real challenge back in 2008. There’s a bit

Play Needles Session 2007

Play Needles Back Piece 2007

Aug 24, 2014No Comments1274 Views

This was one of the first needle sessions that I did back in 2007. Keeping it nice and simple. This pattern was done with Blue

Corporal Punishment Scenes

Kink Cowboy Party-7659

Wild West Party @ The Reformatory

Sep 27, 2015No Comments1996 Views

We went along to the Reformatory for the first time in September for their Wild West Party at had a great night. bb got his

Butterfly Wings

Butterfly Wings Back & Shoulde...

Aug 27, 2014No Comments1985 Views

After flogging back and shoulders, I always ended up with what I called “butterfly wings” which is a good example of where to hit. Never

6 Plus 1 for moving

6 Plus 1 for Moving

Aug 27, 20142 Comments2622 Views

Never move when I’m caning or I’ll have to give you another one.

My Hand Print

My Hand

Aug 27, 20142 Comments2319 Views

Oh look my hand print. Keep this in mind when you wonder about how hard an over the knee (OTK) spanking can be towards the

Corporal Punishment 6 of the sjambok

If it Pleases You Mistress

Aug 27, 2014No Comments3211 Views

So at the end of this particular caning session I ask “would you like a few of my sjambok”? and in reply I get “if

12 cuts of the cane

12 Cuts of the Cane

Aug 25, 2014No Comments2636 Views

I love caning, nothing more satisfying!

Caning and Sjambok

Sjambok and Caning Session

Aug 25, 2014No Comments4286 Views

This sjambok with caning session was intense. If you think you can take more than 10 of the sjambok, I’d love to be the one


CBT and Saline Workshop 31st October 2015

CBT & Saline Infusion Workshop...

Oct 18, 2015No Comments2666 Views

Brisbane Leather Pride are excited to bring you the second workshop of this year’s Brisbane Leather Pride Festival. Satet and Alex will be bringing a

Practical Bedroom Bondage 29th March 2015

Practical Bedroom Bondage Workshop ...

Mar 03, 2015No Comments2125 Views

Practical Bedroom Bondage Workshop – Sunday 29th March 2015 2pm to 5pm by Scootah In case you missed the last one… here’s another! Scope –

Practical Bedroom Bondage Workshop

Practical Bedroom Bondage Workshop ...

Feb 02, 2015No Comments2420 Views

Practical Bedroom Bondage Workshop – Sunday 15th Feb 2015 2pm to 5pm by Scootah & Satet of Black Rabbit Premium Leather For all our customers


Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Poster

Fifty Shades of Grey

Mar 01, 20151 Comment2792 Views

This is purely my perspective. We are all entitled to have our own opinion. By all means comment at the end of the page, if

fifty shades of grey,black rabbit premium leather

The ‘Real’ Fifty Shades...

Feb 13, 2015No Comments2004 Views

  Looking for a Real Bondage Store? Inspired by the Fifty Shades of Grey movie? You can’t go past Black Rabbit Premium Leather for wicked

Narrow Urethra Blockage

Slideshow: A Visual Guide to Enlarg...

Oct 09, 2012No Comments2351 Views

What is an Enlarged Prostate? An enlarged prostate occurs when a man’s prostate gland slowly grows bigger as he ages. More than half of men

Beyond Whips & Chains: What Medical Students Need to Know about BDSM

Beyond Whips & Chains: What Me...

Oct 02, 2012No Comments2453 Views

If the only thing you know about kinky sex is from late night cable television or internet searches gone awry, then you’re not ready to